We Early Accessed this Baby
Dec 7, 2016

Early Access is here: World War Doh will be Unleashed in Some Places.

Hello everyone! It’s us, the World War Doh team. Here we are, on the first step of our journey, to tell you that World War Doh, our latest one vs one real time strategy game, will be released in two countries on December 2016 in the App Store.

We have been working on this game for a while, and are very eager to get it out there and start listening to you, the players, so we can constantly improve the experience. You guys will join along for the ride, and will be able to contribute, speak out and help us shape what we expect to be the quintessential Real Time Strategy experience in mobile.

We have set up forums and support for when the game goes live, and expect you guys to be as vocal as you can. Free speech and all. Enjoy it before the Commander gets here.

Be prepared boys and girls,

The people who made are making World War Doh.

Jairo Nieto
Jairo Nieto
Chief Creative Officer.