Upcoming Unit Spotlight: Chackie Jan

Update 0.3.2: Because Christmas
Dec 20, 2016
0.3.3 – New Year, New Troops!
Jan 18, 2017

Hello everyone!

We are currently working on our next update, which will include among other things, a new unit called Chackie Jan. This martial arts expert will be an invisible unit, introducing the invisibility mechanic into the game. Some troops and buildings, like Just a Tree, will be able to see invisible units, and we hope it adds even more depth and options for players. Chackie Jan will be invisible while moving, and become visible for a short time after attacking an enemy. Players will be able to build him after upgrading the Commander to level 2.

We are very excited to see how you guys will react and incorporate him into your current strategy!

The World War Doh Team.

Jairo Nieto
Jairo Nieto
Chief Creative Officer.