Release Notes

May 12, 2017

0.4.5 – Moar Pls!

Meet the new updated World War Doh where your armies are now composed of 6 different units. Not only that, we have also added a new fun way to claim […]
Apr 11, 2017

0.4.3 – Big update!

In our biggest update to date, we bring you new units, a new map and a lot of new stuff. Forget everything you know, and get ready to crush some […]
Feb 2, 2017

0.3.5 and 0.3.6 – Hot Hotfixes

How Fixin’ We released a couple of  Hotfixes, and here is what we fixed and they’re hot: Upgraded Just a Tree no longer grants vision of units after it is […]
Jan 30, 2017

Buck and Mambo join the fray!

0.3.4 – Buck and Mambo join the fray! This is the big one guys: New Units, New Map, New Rewards. Everything a despot-in-the-making needs to crush the hopes of other […]
Jan 18, 2017

0.3.3 – New Year, New Troops!

Version 0.3.3 has landed! 2017 is here and with it, Chackie Jan and B. Mine have arrived: two new additions to your list of recruits. Destroy your opponent’s base with […]
Dec 20, 2016

Update 0.3.2: Because Christmas

Version 0.3.2 has arrived! Right in time for the holiday season comes a new World War Doh update! GAMEPLAY The Vault: The Killbot has been replaced with the Vault because […]