Update 0.3.2: Because Christmas

Update 0.3.1: Just A Tree!
Dec 14, 2016
Upcoming Unit Spotlight: Chackie Jan
Dec 27, 2016

Version 0.3.2 has arrived!

Right in time for the holiday season comes a new World War Doh update!


  • The Vault: The Killbot has been replaced with the Vault because despots prefer to hide resources in safe places.
  • High Ground Advantage: Units attacking uphill will deal half damage to units above them. This should make defending the ramp in your base much easier.


  • Fixed an issue where upgraded Inhumane Cannonballs would stop attacking after a while.
  • Fixed various issues where the units would not follow the Carnage Point.
  • Fixed various issues with the Mad Scientist freeze particle.

We will keep working on new units and features. Happy Holidays, see you next year!

The World War Doh Team.

Jairo Nieto
Jairo Nieto
Chief Creative Officer.