Jairo Nieto

Feb 2, 2017

0.3.5 and 0.3.6 – Hot Hotfixes

How Fixin’ We released a couple of  Hotfixes, and here is what we fixed and they’re hot: Upgraded Just a Tree no longer grants vision of units after it is […]
Jan 30, 2017

Buck and Mambo join the fray!

0.3.4 – Buck and Mambo join the fray! This is the big one guys: New Units, New Map, New Rewards. Everything a despot-in-the-making needs to crush the hopes of other […]
Jan 18, 2017

0.3.3 – New Year, New Troops!

Version 0.3.3 has landed! 2017 is here and with it, Chackie Jan and B. Mine have arrived: two new additions to your list of recruits. Destroy your opponent’s base with […]
Dec 27, 2016

Upcoming Unit Spotlight: Chackie Jan

Hello everyone! We are currently working on our next update, which will include among other things, a new unit called Chackie Jan. This martial arts expert will be an invisible […]
Dec 20, 2016

Update 0.3.2: Because Christmas

Version 0.3.2 has arrived! Right in time for the holiday season comes a new World War Doh update! GAMEPLAY The Vault: The Killbot has been replaced with the Vault because […]
Dec 8, 2016

World War Doh picked up by Apple!

World War Doh got picked up by Apple's editorial team for our Colombia and Mexico launch. And we must say, we are in good company :)