0.5.1 – Let Them Do Their Thing
Aug 18, 2017

Introducing Shutdown, a spell that will allow you to disable enemy buildings: Prevent the enemy Commander from healing, or get rid of that pesky Catling Gun. As always, expect even more: balance changes, fixes and improvements for you to enoy!


  • Shutdown: A new spell that disables buildings for a short while. Can be used on Objectives.
  • Comsat: Just a Tree has been replaced with the Comsat. It shows a large area of the map for a time, revealing any invisible units within.


  • Nahpalm’s visuals were greatly improved.
  • The Shieldbot and the Pocket Healer are now much smarter when it comes to picking which allies to aid.


  • Increased Range for most Ranged Units.
  • Increased Buck Damage.
  • Increased Catling Gun health and range.
  • Increased Mambo Damage.
  • Reduced Hospital Healing.
  • Increased the number of Barrels that spawn during battle, but now only one Barrel will spawn at the start.
  • Reduced Barrel capture time.
  • Reduced Indiana Ford Cost.
  • Rocket Damage increased vs Commander.
  • Commander Damage Type when enraged changed to Rocket.
  • Chackie Jan Reworked: No longer invisible, but instead spawns two illusions every six seconds to confuse the enemy.
  • The Healbot now only Heals one unit at a time.
  • The Shieldbot now shields for a specific amount, instead of the Shieldbot’s current Health.


  • Fixed an issue which caused random crashes when attempting to open a Pack.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented players from buying a Pack from the Shop.
  • Fixed an issue which caused random crashes during game loading.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Clubs to have more than 30 members.
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez
CEO & Studio Director