0.5.1 – Let Them Do Their Thing

0.5.0 – Get in Control
Aug 4, 2017
0.5.7 – Shutdown!
Nov 9, 2017

The Commander has trained his army well. They have grown smarter with time, or at least less fearful of death, and will no longer require you to constantly tell them where to go. Instead, your Troops will automatically attack anyone unfortunate enough to enter your line of vision. They will go straight towards the enemy as soon as the Commander shows them where they are hiding. Less micromanagemnt just means more time for carnage!


  • Rally Point function (Flag) was removed in order to make the game more accessible. Now Troops will automatically head towards enemies as soon as they are in sight. Use the Telescope or scout with the Commander to give your Troops vision of the enemy.
  • The Tutorial was adapted to the new gameplay.
  • Replay Kit was implemented to allow players to record and share battles.
  • Multikill notifications now appearwhen an important number of enemy units are killed (5, 10 and 15).
  • Global Rankings are now shown at the end of the battle so players are always aware of their position.


  • Now it is possible to see a detailed description of the Footlockers’ contents before opening them.
  • Added Dough Per Second Info on the Dough Extractor on the Manage Team Menu.
  • Improved and Unified Progress Bars across the game.
  • Improved Mad Scientist Projectile Functionality.
  • Improved Dough Indicator position and particles on Battle.
  • Improved Dr. Death animation.
  • Added Progress Bar Info for Cards available at the Shop.
  • Improved Barrel Icon in Battle.
  • Unit Health Bars removed in Battle.
  • Added Sound and visuals when purchasing an entire pack of cards from the Shop.
  • Improved Deaths when a unit dies from Ice, Fire or explosions.


  • Spawn times for all units have been reduced to improve gameplay.
  • Flambo cost increased.
  • Commander Upgrade cost and time reduced.
  • Don Capone Unit Type changed to Medium.
  • Dr. Death Attack Speed greatly improved.
  • Mad Scientist cost reduced.
  • Dough Extractor cost increased and now requires Commander Rank 1.
  • Vault and Barrel Cap Time Increased.
  • Vault Dough Capacity Reduced.
  • Pocket Healer now requires Commander Rank 3.
  • Snipe will now deal low damage, at a low cost.
  • Snowflake Explosion Range increased.
  • The Invisible Tree is now Free, but only two can be planted at the same time.
  • Telescope Sight Range greatly increased when activated.


  • Fixed an Issue that created a duplicate Free Footlocker Notification.
  • Fixed an Issue that prevented particles and sounds on some specific units from playing on the Manage Team screen.
  • Fixed an Issue that made some particles visible through the Fog of War.
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez
CEO & Studio Director