0.4.10 – Confetti the Yeti!
Jul 10, 2017
0.5.1 – Let Them Do Their Thing
Aug 18, 2017

It’s time again to update the game we love! And for version 0.5.0 we went all out: New and improved controls for combat, opened the Shop where you can get all sorts of cool stuff, and added evolving visuals for the menu depending on which League you are currently in. For those of you already playing the game, there’s some really exciting changes in the Balance section.


  • New Controls and Improved UI: Tapping on the flag will activate Flag position mode, allowing you to quickly tap again on the area of the map which you wish to attack. Units that are built from afar and Gizmos also work in the same way. A more comfortable way of leading your army!
  • Shop: The Shop Section is finally open! Here you can purchase Footlockers, cards and other stuff to make your army even more powerful.
  • Visuals for Leagues: As you climb the different Leagues, you will notice that some parts of the game will also change. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so go and play!


  • Unit pathfinding has been generally improved.
  • Blood particles and effects have been improved across the board.
  • Card visuals have been polished.


  • Commander Damage GREATLY decreased.
  • B. Mine damage range slightly decreased.
  • B. Mine and Snowflake health reduced.
  • 2 Bucks will now spawn from the Trailer, but Health, Damage and Attack Speed of Buck has been reduced.
  • Don Capone now requires Commander Rank 1.
  • Confetti the Yeti now requires Commander Rank 2.
  • Confetti the Yeti cannot be frozen now.
  • Catling Gun build time increased.
  • Catling Gun now requires Commander Rank 2.
  • Building Time for all Troop Buildings reduced to 1.
  • Vault, Hospital and Telescope Armor increased.
  • The Telescope now reveals invisible Units.
  • Barrel Claim Time decreased.
  • Commander Upgrade cost increased.
  • Indie Ford cost reduced, but now only 4 Indies will spawn.
  • Indie Ford Damage increased.
  • Hiddenburg Damage and Health increased.
  • Dough Extractor Cost increased.
  • The Invisible Tree Health increased.


  • Fixed issues with the Bunker that prevented it from properly working.
  • Fixed several issues in relation to Dr. Death’s attack.
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez
Tech Director