0.4.5 – Moar Pls!
May 12, 2017
0.4.10 – Confetti the Yeti!
Jul 10, 2017

Jump into this latest version and test your skills in our brand new feature: Daily Missions! New rewards and challenges await you every morning, as the Commander will require you to use a particular unit to complete some top-secret Mission. What are you waiting for? We don’t have all day.


  • Daily Missions added. Daily Missions will change every day at midnight and you will need to fulfill the Mission in the next 24 hours to claim the reward.
  • New Objective: Vault. The Commander can quickly collect Dough from the Vault whenever he wants. Destroying the enemy Vault also grants a medal.
  • Mansion and Statue have been replaced with the Hospital and the Telescope. Functionality remains the same.


  • B. Mine now requires Commander Rank 2.
  • B.Mine cost and damage increased.
  • Commander Health reduced.
  • Hospital Healing increased.
  • Hiddenburg Build Time reduced.
  • Da Choppa Build Time reduced.
  • Buck Health and Damage increased, but only one Buck will spawn.
  • Indie Fords will spawn in greater numbers, but the cost is increased.
  • Inhumane Cannonball Range and cost increased.
  • Dough Extractor cost increased and Health reduced.
  • Chackie Jan cost reduced, and will now attack units.
  • Tankerina now will only target buildings, but her Armor has been greatly increased.
  • Tankerina now requires Commander Rank 3.
  • Don Capone Health greatly increased.
  • Mambo Damage increased, but health reduced.
  • Disposable Teleporter cost reduced.
  • Bunker cost increased.
  • Catling Gun health increased.
  • Catling Gun build time reduced.
  • Build time for unit spawning buildings has been reduced.


  • Added different characters to represent different leagues in the Main Menu.
  • In-game Commander Level has been renamed Rank for clarity purposes.
  • Improved Objective visuals.
  • Join us on Discord by tapping on the link on the Settings panel!
  • Improved game start-up times.


  • Fixed an issue that made some card names appear blurry.
  • Fixed random crashes when users finished a game.
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez
Tech Director