0.4.3 – Big update!
Apr 11, 2017
0.4.7 – A Man On A Mission!
Jun 17, 2017

Meet the new updated World War Doh where your armies are now composed of 6 different units. Not only that, we have also added a new fun way to claim Barrels in combat, changed the Vault for a very fancy Mansion that can heal your Commander, and gave the Statue the ability to see even further. There’s even more, but you wouldn’t believe us.


  • 6th Unit added to the player’s deck.
  • Vault replaced with Mansion. Players can heal their Commander at the Mansion.
  • Added Armor for units: Armor reduces a flat amount of incoming damage.
  • Statue now increases its vision range when the Commander is nearby.
  • Barrels now have to be claimed by the Commander. Claiming is interrupted by damage on the Commander claiming it.


  • Disposable Teleporter: Moves the Commander to another location on the map.
  • The Bunker: Put a Buck or Flambo inside this new building and kill everything from the safety of four walls.


  • Commander Health Reduced.
  • Building Health reduced across the board.
  • Barrel Spawn Rate adjusted. Now the large Barrels contain more Dough.
  • Shieldbot attack range increased.
  • Dough Extractor now requires Commander Level 2.
  • Indiana Ford Damage reduced.
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez
CEO & Studio Director